Sunday, 14 November 2010

Decorating your kid’s bedroom can be easy and fun and inexpensive

With a combination of inexpensive furniture form IKEA or target for example, or some second-hand furniture sanded down and varnished or re-painted, try your local garage sales. Then think about painting one wall a feature colour, especially if the other walls are in good condition, or alternatively a subtle soft tone on all the walls, and a neutral carpet or wooden floor with accent rugs. Take the  time and think about the right way to create and accessorise the bedroom, it can be cheaper than you think.

Firstly it will depend on your child’s favourite colour and getting a shade that is near, but also a modern in vogue colour, as this will save you heaps in trying to find the right coloured accessories, such as bedding , rugs and furnishings,which will be in plentiful supply at your local stores. Once you  have worked out where your child likes to hang out in their room and how they use it , then it will be time to purchase a bed canopy / mosquito net to really top of the room. When choosing the type of canopy think about what its main use will be, for example it may create a hideaway for your child in the daytime or a place to hang out, or used as a mosquito net or bad dream catcher at night, or create a fairytale theme to your girls bedroom decor.

The colour of the bed canopy or mosquito net could add a contrast to the rooms colour or for a fresh clean modern look you can’t go wrong with white. It will depend on the colour of the bedroom you choose and how much colour is already on the walls. If you have gone for a neutral toned wall decor then a coloured net will add a real impression and lift the room.

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